The survival kit to successfully deploy one’s intrapreneurial program

intrapreneuriat kit de survie

Inspired by our customers and their feedback, we designed this survival kit for innovation & transformation leaders and intrapreneurs.
The goal : share the pitfalls to avoid, the best practices and save you some time when it comes to launch your own intrapreneurship program.

A high level sponsorship program: The program must be in line with the group’s strategy, along with clear operating terms. We can let some intrapreneurs let go of their traditional tasks to work on something entirely new during project acceleration phases, sometimes outside the company: to this end, the response of HRDs and managers should be anticipated and supported.

Tackle one goal at a time: Corporate challenges or acculturation to these new work methods cannot be exerted simultaneously. It is always easier to gather an Executive Committee around a single initial goal. If the primary challenge is to develop new businesses, implementing an intrapreneurial program will strongly develop this new stance thanks to acculturation, to push in-house rules and processes forward.

Embark the business: You need to identify business sponsors to challenge project decision, all the while maintaining the genuine independence of intrapreneurs. What is the role of a sponsor? To become a facilitator who opens doors internally: they must give them a hand to get things going, but intrapreneurs remain those who convince and gather others around their project.

Keep a clear vision of the selection process: the rules of the game must be set upstream, and one should consider implementing boot camp scenarios to test the solidity of teams, get a final jury to intervene or even create challenges using factors from outside the company. Implement efficient governance and project steering to turn the test phase into reality.

Opt for the DIY method: It’s when we’re in survival mode—when we struggle to launch our project—that we are able to move mountains… The entrepreneur way! We run thing without processes to keep the startup spirit and agility. We let intrapreneurs demonstrate the value of their project, convince others and seek the resources they need.

Turn managers into creators of intrapreneurial calling: You must seek out change makers and provide them with the right framework, so they can generate viral, positive influence! They should structure this change-making community by becoming master connectors who combine everyone’s assets to reveal potential.

HRDs to support this approach: They must support intrapreneurs throughout their whole experience and manage potential upsets when they return, after project completion. We can only hope that the expansion of these new collaborations methods develops career paths and brings new skills to light that could be valuable to foster the mobility of employees, including their “intrapreneurial ability”.