A tailor-made intrapreneurship program for employees of a luxury group

A world leader in luxury goods brings together exceptional brands and has more than 100,000 employees worldwide who proudly embody the values of excellence, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Industry: luxe

The challenges

In 2017, they launched their intrapreneurship program. This initiative, carried out at the highest level of the organization, aims to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the teams, innovate to remain in line with market expectations and promote new working methods.

The framework

During the first edition of the event, they selected 4,000 people to participate in a call for ideas with a single objective: to give employees the opportunity to think about new levers for innovation in the luxury sector.

60 people with ideas from 40 companies and 15 countries were then selected to pitch their project at a dedicated event. This gave them the opportunity to experience working for 4 days in a collaborative manner directly inspired by startups.

3 teams were able to seduce their audiences with the relevance of their concepts on themes related to customer experience, retail and the new levers provided by digital technology.

Accompanied by mentors, the CEOs of the Group’s brands and external entrepreneurs, they have planned everything to enable teams to re- fine their projects, optimize their business models and test their projects in the real world through first-class coaching.

The collaboration with Yumana

By connecting our digital solution to the intrapreneurship program, the luxury group has the resources to:

    • Industrialize the organization of the ideation challenges
    • Connect the talents and create a genuine community of entrepreneurs who are able to reinvent the luxury marketplace
    • Accelerate the winning projects following each event by relying on the skills of the community

The results

More than 1,500 ideas proposed by employees since the launch of the program

5,000 employees actively involved in the program

12 projects selected and monitored by the members of the Executive Committee

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