Be.Hive, Engie’s collaborative hub for ideas and news, totally dedicated to recruitment and its environment

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The context

Engie is a leading global industrial group in low carbon energy and services.

With 170,000 employees hired to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral world, it is the third largest global group in the energy sector (excluding oil), and the leading independent producer of electricity in the world.

Its sales revenue amounted to 60.6 billion euros in 2018.

  • Industry: Energy
  • Department initiating the program: Engie Staffing Management

The program in a few words

Yumana supported Engie Staffing GBS in the structuring of their platform and the opening of the various programs. The key features available of the platform has made it possible for Engie to embed several use cases: ideation, content sharing, training, community outreach and referrals for their partners.

Through the Yumana solution, Engie’s “Recruitment” community may now centralize and share their knowledge in terms of best practices, submit ideas, centralize their feedback and thus create maximum synergies.

The challenge of Engie Staffing Management

Be.Hive, a real collaborative hub dreamed up by the Engie Staffing business unit and developed by Yumana, is entirely dedicated to recruitment. It aims to spread knowledge within the Engie Group, techniques, methods and to capitalize on collective experiences and know-how.

Engie Staffing Management is convinced that it is through the power of ideation and network innovation that Engie may strengthen its ability to act in an ever more responsive, impactful, cross-functional and efficient manner.

Yumana’s solution

The digital platform, this collaborative hub, makes it possible to centralize and share the maximum amount of various resources easily.

It is:

  • A sharing platform

    sharing advice, tips and tricks, ideas… Be.Hive users may access a panorama of different projects in the field of recruitment. Projects already rolled out or closed, being launched or under construction, up to proof of concepts!

  • An educational platform

    access to external news watch (RSS feed) and to a document library. Be.Hive is a centralized and easy-to-access documentary database.

  • A mutual aid and participatory platform

    access to a forum, contact with the community and all the Hive.members. The objective is to feed on the community’s ideas and to accelerate collaboration.

  • A networking platform

    access to an ecosystem of partners. Users may search for partners to meet needs and carry out projects. They also can suggest partner to refer them on the digital platform. The objective is to be able to map ecosystems of partners, in order to increase collaboration.

  • Good practices

    – Be hive, a dynamic, colorful and punchy design. Providing an attractive platform has promoted collaboration and discovery of the Hub.

    – A well-established communication plan. The publication of articles as a series has boosted the number of visits to the Hub and given good reasons for the community to come back.

    – An integrated agenda to communicate on key events. A very simple but very practical feature for the community that allows registration for events from the platform.

    – Monthly newsletters. Regular communication to push new content and develop user loyalty.

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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