“Pépites” Program

How does URSSAF place corporate innovation at the heart of its strategy and culture?

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The context

17,000 employees.

22 administrative regions + URSSAF National Fund in Paris

  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Launch date of the system: November 2019
  • Department initiating the program: Department initiating the program: Innovation

The program in a few words

Since its launch in November 2019, the Pépites innovation management software has responded to the major challenges raised by URSSAF’s Innovation and digital transformation division. It brings together all the entities spread across the country on a single platform to focus on shared objectives.

Through multiple features simplifying management, project management and internal communication, this innovation management platform supports URSSAF’s digital transformation process.

Challenges of the Innovation Division

The Innovation and transformation division is implementing a collaborative approach to address major challenges:

  • Accelerate digital transformation in order to modernize and streamline its processes and working methods, while ensuring better service to the public
  • Dealing with regional decentralization of organizations that do not always have the means to communicate with each other to share innovations and best practices.

To encourage sharing and cross-disciplinary communication, the division needed:

  • To simplify the lives of companies and policyholders who depend on the 22 entities of the public agency of France.
  • To structure a branch-level approach that integrates the decentralized entities in the regions, so that they can share their contributions.
  • A digital platform accessible to all employees, an easy-to-use central tool.
  • To help the URSSAF National Fund to make progress on issues that are essentially CSR-oriented.

Yumana’s solution

A program based on collective intelligence designed to improve the group’s collaborative approach, deployed through an innovation management software that strengthens the cross-disciplinary nature of skills and collaboration between regional entities.

It allows all employees of the URSSAF network to share their ideas and best practices.

The program: 

  • 1 program (La Pépinière)

    Available all year round, where employees can submit their ideas spontaneously on the platform, at any time and concerning all conceivable internal and external topics.


    372 spontaneous initiatives submitted – 260 skills represented

  • 1 temporary challenge

    A system launched by the National on global themes, capable of reaching a maximum number of employees and likely to generate a high level of engagement: simplification of work methods, environmental issues, sustainable development and eco-responsibility, new work techniques to better prepare for the future, etc.

  • Regional challenges

    Several challenges launched each year on different themes, proposed by region.

    Connect all departments of the organization and involve them in the continuous improvement process.


    22 regions represented, as well as one National Fund seat

    17,000 employees targetted

    The little extra: 

    The Management has created a “Lab” in the Paris region where start-ups can pitch their ideas and propose open innovation challenges.

Christophe CUQ URSSAF

Corporate innovation is a major element in our organizations. It places any individual at the center of a collective movement and makes shared ideas a source of added value. But we still need an adapted, efficient, intuitive, ergonomic and dynamic tool to collect these ideas. Today, we are using Yumana innovation management software that fully meets our expectations.

We have always enjoyed a relationship of trust and reciprocity with the Yumana teams. We connected with people who gave us confidence in our approach and reassured us as we pursued our initiatives. For the several years that we have been working and cooperating together, we have always been impressed by the availability, responsiveness, desire, energy, attentiveness, technical skills and empathy of these teams.

Christophe CUQ ,

Innovation and Digital Transformation Division - URSSAF

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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