The Annex Program

How does DELFINGEN innovate with its intrapreneurship program; the innovation garage built for its employees?

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The context

DELFINGEN, a family-owned company, is a global automotive supplier and leader in protection and routing solutions for on-board electrical and fluid networks.
4000 employees in 39 countries.

  • Industry: Automobile
  • Launch date of the system: October 2018
  • Department initiating the program: General Management

The program in a few words

In 2017, DELFINGEN launched its openlab, the “DELFINGEN ACADEMY” in order to continue its development by promoting the transmission of know-how and the acquisition of skills necessary to support the company’s strategy.

The Annex digital platform is positioned as a complement to DELFINGEN’s openlab and external partnerships. This solution is conceived as a real playground for its employees, and imagined as a garage, a workshop where one can tinker, try things, without risking any damage to the interior of the house.

This innovation management software, based on collective intelligence, is perfectly anchored in the intrapreneurial strategy of the automotive group and helps support the emergence of projects with high added value.

The challenges of the General Management

To continue to ensure its ambition, the brand wants to:

  • Anticipate and meet customer expectations through the active participation of its employees to ensure growth.
  • Launch an internal dynamic for sharing ideas and connecting employees around the intrapreneurship program.
  • Foster the emergence of in-house start-ups and accelerate projects by connecting project leaders with in-house experts who can contribute their skills to make the project a reality.
  • Develop ambitious and innovative projects.

Intrapreneurship at DELFINGEN is part of an “adapt TO lead” approach, or how to deal with changes based on collective intelligence.

La solution Yumana

The Annex takes shape thanks to the innovation management software used to launch ideation challenges and showcase the intrapreneurship program.

A digital solution designed to support the two phases of ideation and acceleration of the intrapreneurship program in 3 steps:

  • Organize calls for ideas
  • Select and support the best projects
  • Involve employees in the implementation of projects

The program :

  • 3 ongoing programs to communicate on local initiatives.

    The idea is to highlight local actions, in a “bottom-up” approach.

  • "5P" program

    Local initiatives carried out in support of the 5 strategic pillars of the 2025 plan: partnerships, products, performance, planet, and pleasure.


    9 accelerated initiatives

  • "Foundation" program

    Local actions carried out under the foundation, on the themes of disability, decent housing, education, and health


    7 initiatives implemented

  • "Fablabs" program

    Initiatives carried out specifically within one of the DELFINGEN Labs, on themes such as 3D printing, prototyping, IoT, creativity, etc.


    6 initiatives achieved

  • One-off challenges

    to generate even more ideas and create an innovation dynamic with the teams.

Pierre Le Moel Delfingen

“As part of the development of Delfingen’s intrapreneurship program, we were looking for an innovation management software to boost the promotion of the program, in addition to the launch of our openlab and external partnerships. With Yumana, we have found a partner of choice, providing both an efficient technical solution and very professional support.

Pierre Le Moel ,

Chief Corporate Officer Asia & HR Innovation Manager - Delfingen

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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