Dinno, the digital platform that facilitates the development of new digital business carried by its employees.

  • intrapreneurship

The context

Present worldwide, Thales is a major player in the French technological and industrial landscape. Innovation is at the heart of the Group’s strategy and contributes directly to its three pillars: growth, performance and talent. In 2017, Thales Digital Factory opened its doors to accelerate the digital transformation of Thales and its customers. The Group is eager to accelerate the integration of these key technologies into its offerings to help operators make the best decisions in real time.

  • Industry: Technology

The program in a few words

The Yumana digital platform provides Thales employees with the tools to move from just an idea to a concrete project.

It helps employees in two stages:

  • The voting phase: employees are invited to vote for their favorite projects.
  • The funding phase: BU managers invest in the development of the most innovative ideas.

The challenge

To continually reinvent the company from the inside as well as increase its attractiveness, Thales challenges and involves its employees in this intrapreneurial adventure by developing an innovation platform.

In this context, the Thales Digital Factory was created to support the development of the most innovative ideas from Thales employees.

Yumana’s solution

The digital platform “Dinno” promotes an ecosystem created to facilitate the development of new digital business for Thales.
Employees submit their associative project in the format that suits them: video, PowerPoint presentation, simple text.

Each employee can propose innovative ideas by sharing them on the Dinno platform. The methodology of the platform is organized in two stages:

  • A discovery phase during which employees define and build the foundations of their digital project.
  • An investigation phase during which the most promising projects for Thales are selected and start raising funds to develop their project. Employees will have the choice to work on their project either within their own department or at Thales Digital Factory.

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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