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Intrapreneur Enedis program, a bottom-up approach to intrapreneurship

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The context

Enedis is Europe’s leading electricity distributor. It is a public utility company that develops, operates, upgrades and manages the electricity grid and its associated data. Independent of the energy suppliers responsible for the sale and management of electricity contracts, Enedis provides connections, troubleshooting, meter reading and all technical interventions.

  • Industry: Energy

The program in a few words

Thanks to our digital solution, intrapreneurs can ask the employees from any direction for their skills, build teams and then accelerate their projects. In this intrapreneurial approach which is deliberately inclusive, the internal expertise is valued and all the employees, from all branches and hierarchy, have the opportunity to contribute and take part in the innovation strategy of Enedis. The gamification module was a real boost for the intrapreneurs who can offer rewards to the employees who work the most on their project. A ranking, points to be won, badges to be unlocked, everything is thought to encourage employees to be involved and win advantages. The digital platform of Yumana is also a virtuous digital device for the HR who allow them to:

  • Generate callings and new career opportunities
  • Create employee engagement
  • Build a pool of information on the actual skills and future needs of the company
  • Attract and keep the talent

The challenge

During the summer 2016, Enedis Paris initiated an intrapreneurship program which aims to encourage all of its employees to propose and realize their ideas under an “Entrepreneurial” model in order to innovate in their respective businesses. Through this program, employees submit thousands of ideas. However, to move beyond the brainstorming stage, Enedis wanted to incubate the “hottest” ideas to turn them into concrete projects.

Yumana’s solution

The very first “Intrapreneur Enedis” program was born from the desire of a group of 45 employees to transform the company’s culture. This program is built around the 5 strategic axes of Enedis in Paris:

  • Zero injuries
  • Making life easier for customers
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Working well together
  • Becoming a DSO (Distribution System Operator) benchmark

Every 4 months, a “crash test” session is organized by the Innovation Team. They give the opportunity to the employees who proposed the “hottest” ideas to present their initiatives to their peers. The objective of this day is to evaluate, in a collaborative way, the level of maturity of the ideas presented. For the process to be sustainable, no idea is left to chance. Leaders of “mature” ideas are invited to pitch. The pitches are live then streamed to all employees to enable everyone to vote and participate in the selection of projects.

Those who have ideas who still need to “mature” are coached for 1 day and supported throughout the process to develop them more fully.

Anouar El Fathi Enedis

We chose Yumana for the overwhelming energy of this team and for the vision we share on the evolution of professions and human resources in companies

Anouar El Fathi ,

Head of Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation - Enedis

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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