GROUPE LA POSTE – Intrapreneurship, one of the pillars of the 5-year strategic plan

As a major multi-activity service group, La Poste Group brings together nearly 250,000 postal workers who connect with 65 million people every day throughout France and are driven by civic values that have always been at the heart of postal identity. The Group ensures four public service missions that are fully integrated into its activities: mail distribution, contribution to regional development, press transport and distribution and banking accessibility.

Industry: Services

The challenge

To achieve the objectives set out in the strategic plan “La Poste 2020: Conquering the Future”, Philippe Whal, the Group’s CEO, is relying on an ambitious intrapreneurship program and on the company’s employees to invent the business lines that will make the Group successful tomorrow.

The framework

For the fourth consecutive year, the Foresight & Innovation Department is leading the intrapreneurship program “20 projects for 2020”. A five-step selection process sets the pace for the program:

Step 1 – Voting
By team, project leaders have 90 days to convince postal workers to vote for their project.
Step 2 – Expertise
To validate the strength of the proposal, the team’s potential and the relevance of the project, a telephone interview is organized with an expert in support and startup development.
Step 3 – The bootcamp
The selected projects are then challenged during 3 days of bootcamp.
Step 4 – The final jury
The teams that successfully completed the bootcamp present their project to Group executives and external experts from the French entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.
Step 5 – The implementation of the project
Once the project is validated, the team will be seconded full-time over a period of 3 to 12 months.

The collaboration with Yumana

By using the digital platform of Yumana, today the program isn’t just a competition of ideas conducted within the company. It allows to the La Poste Group to:

    • Encourage all the stakeholders to focus on the device and inspire employees to register in the transformation and innovation program of the La Poste Group whether by being project leader or only contributorc
    • Ensure the process of call for projects and selection upstream and promote the acceleration of the most innovative ideas

The results

More than 100 ideas submitted to the vote

11 accelerated projects since the start of the program (3 to 4 per year)