BoomRoom Program

How does KPMG rely on its intrapreneurship program to design the service offerings of tomorrow?

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The context

An international network of auditing, consulting, and accounting firms. KPMG works with major French and international groups, midcaps, SMEs and start-ups in all sectors of activity.
210,000 employees
In 150 countries.

  • Industry: Audit & Consulting
  • Launch date of the system: January 2020
  • Department initiating the program: Innovation Division

The program in a few words

The BoomRoom is a program based on collective intelligence designed to engage a maximum number of KPMG France employees in its innovation journey. The innovation management software is designed for intrapreneurs. It is meant to inspire the KPMG internal communities and to provide a toolbox to learn and train. Intrapreneurs use it to gain visibility and promote their initiatives.

The Challenges of the Innovation Division

With the launch of the BoomRoom program, KPMG wants to develop new service offerings for their customers. It addresses three main objectives:

  • Develop new cross-functional or impactful offers for a business line.
  • Improve the quality, impact, or scope of existing offers.
  • Improve trades by relying on new technologies and explore new ways of working.

Yumana’s solution

Employees use the BoomRoom to submit their ideas, join a team, learn new ways of working and have all the tools they need to develop their ideas.

Yumana provides the innovation management software to support KPMG in the promotion of its intrapreneurship program:

  • Organise challenges by theme, by business line, and by country.


    4 challenges launched on average per year

  • Collect valuable ideas.


    More than 130 shared initiatives

  • Allow employees to join the Accelerator, the incubation program dedicated to intrapreneurs.


    More than 105 employees and around forty projects incubated

Clément Belaud KPMG

BoomRoom is our corporate innovation platform dedicated to the firm’s employees. We are supported all along the way by the Yumana teams in setting up the platform and running the program. This maximizes the intrapreneurship program’s chances of success. We were able to benefit from the experience of the Yumana team in this area, and from an outside perspective in the construction of our program.

Clément Belaud ,

Acculturation & Ideation Project Manager | Accelerator Coach - KPMG

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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