Oz program

How Orange mobilized its Business Units to encourage its employees to innovate to address on-the-ground challenges?

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The context

World leader in telecommunications services.
140,000 employees, including 78,000 in France.
Present in 26 countries.

  • Industry: Telecom
  • Launch date of the system: 2017
  • Department initiating the program: Group Transformation

The program in a few words

Between 2008 and 2016, the Performance BU deployed a large-scale collective approach that involved many Orange employees. The ambition of the program was to be part of a dynamic of continuous improvement of business processes, problem solving, and innovation in products and services.

After 8 years of existence, the program is a real success. On its own, it will have generated 460 million euros results.

In 2017, the Transformation BU decided to change its approach and position the program on cultural and organizational transformation. Named Oz, this new program is now in line with the group’s strategy to develop new ways of working and social collaboration.

The challenges of the Innovation Department

  • Develop a strong culture of sharing and engage all employees in its corporate innovation program to address on-the-ground challenges.
  • Make “Ideation challenges” a real everyday tool.
  • Facilitate the acceleration and development of value-bearing ideas.
  • Promote the visibility and dissemination of the projects developed.

Yumana’s solution

UA program based on collective intelligence within the Group’s various Business Units around the world and supported by an idea management software that enables teams to:

  • Encourage incremental innovation on the field, by giving more autonomy to the different BUs, each of which can launch a challenge according to specific local needs.


    +75 challenges launched in 3 years

  • Improve the operational performance of teams by collecting innovative ideas and projects from employees and offering a gamified community evaluation, for greater involvement from the field.


    2,400 ideas shared

  • Facilitate the management and monitoring of high-potential projects in a decentralized manner. Each BU develops answers and solutions to its own problems.


    13 internal start-ups incubated

  • Ensure the visibility of ideas deployed and their dissemination throughout the organization by maximizing cross-functionality.


    Over 200 solutions available on the shelf

  • Key success factors

    •  Complementary local and central bodies to select initiatives, orchestrate collaboration and invest in implementation.

      • The first phase of the process is deployed thanks to the implementation of local governance as close as possible to the operational entities: employees identify the problems in the field, devise their solutions, share their initiatives and develop them.
      • A second phase of the process is driven by a central governance that facilitates connections, maximizes the visibility of initiatives and their dissemination.
    • Social collaboration features to engage and retain an involved and willing community.

      Collection processes are simplified and the evaluation of initiatives by the community is incentivized and gamified.

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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