The “Innovations and Good Practices” challenge

Intermarché & Netto employees, both contributors in the transformation of the Group’s brands

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The context

Intermarché & Netto are 2 French brands that are part of the Les Mousquetaires Group. Intermarché is the second largest distributor in France, with 1,840 points of sale, i.e. one store every 17 km. Netto is a hard-discount food brand that stands out from other discounters by offering more than 85% of products that are its own brand. It has 302 points of sale.

  • Industry: Retail
  • Launch date of the system: 2020

The program in a few words

As part of the implementation of their corporate social responsibility and human resources approach, Intermarché & Netto is launching an “Innovations & Best Practices” challenge for its 1,500 employees in 2020.

The digital tool made it possible to engage employees easily and to steer the process in a few clicks.

The challenge of Intermarché & Netto

Intermarché & Netto have multiple objectives:

  • Supporting the Group’s innovation by highlighting best practices in the field
  • Developing collaboration and team spirit
  • Valuing employees and developing their pride in belonging

Yumana’s solution

A collaborative digital platform that allows Intermarché & Netto to collect numerous ideas from all the Group’s employees. Everyone can participate in the transformation of their brand by submitting a good practice implemented in their team, or by suggesting an innovation that will help build the business of tomorrow.

The challenge revolves around 4 main themes: Management / Team & corporate life / Cooperation / Corporate Social Responsibility.

For 10 weeks, the “Innovations and Good Practices” challenge is in full swing and is paced by 3 main events.

  • Idea submission (8 weeks)

    The participants have to form teams of 2 to 5 employees in advance. The idea must fit into one of the challenge’s four themes. To have a chance of being selected, it must also meet two criteria: Providing a benefit for the company (for the employee, for the points of sale or for the customer), and being transferable within the Group.


    64 ideas submitted on the platform

  • Employee vote (2 weeks)

    Intermarché & Netto wanted to gamify their challenge. The more employees were invested in the challenge, the more tokens they earned to give weight to their votes. In each category (Corporate Social Responsibility, Management, Cooperation, Team and corporate life), the 3 ideas having totaled the most tokens are presented to the final panel, made up of members of the Management Committee and employees.


    12 ideas selected  for the final panel

  • The final panel

    Among the 3 ideas selected in each category, only one was chosen to be rolled out within Intermarché & Netto. It should be pointed out that 2 employees (drawn at random from among the applications) had the opportunity to be part of the panel.


    4 ideas rolled out within Intermarché & Netto

    The participation objective for this first challenge was met; it is now up to the group to disseminate this culture of innovation more deeply and to organize other challenges while still supporting the selected ideas.



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