La Fabrique Aviva, citizen innovation catalyst

The Aviva Group is one of Europe’s leading insurers and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. With operations in 16 countries around the world, it has three core businesses serving 33 million customers: long-term savings, asset management and non-life insurance.
Aviva contributes to the local economy and is involved in financing the economy in general, and particularly the social economy through various actions.

Industry: insurance

The Challenge

In pursuing its efforts as a corporate responsible company, the Aviva Group is convinced that entrepreneurs can make a significant contribution to innovations that will positively inspire our society.

In 2016, the Group makes its ambition tangible and creates « La Fabrique Aviva », a major pool of citizen and entrepreneurial initiatives aiming to support the development of social and environmental economy.

The framework

La Fabrique Aviva allocates a budget of one million euros to fund useful, innovative and sustainable young businesses.

To be eligible for the competition, ideas or projects proposed by entrepreneurs must fall within one of the following four themes:
In order to compete, the entrepreneurs’ ideas and projects must fall within one of the following four topics :

  • Food and health : act for a sustainable health.
  • Environment and energy transition: preserve the environment and fight against climate change.
  • Inclusion and employment: break generational, social and community barriers and strengthen employment.
  • Liable insurance and prevention: support tomorrow’s innovative insurance solutions.

La Fabrique Aviva is organized in three stages: a call for projects to attract citizen initiatives, a voting phase open to the public, and a call for skills to involve all those who want to move the needle and carry out the most promising projects.

The collaboration with Yumana

Yumana is the digital platform of La Fabrique Aviva fourth edition.

It follows the three steps of the process :

  • The call for projects: every entrepreneurs, students and citizens can create their project online and submit them to validation of Aviva team and partners.
  • The voting phase: Aviva’s employees, partners and the public are invited to vote for the initiatives they wish to be funded.
  • The call for skills: for this fourth edition, Aviva wants to go beyond the funding of the award-winning ideas. After the contest, anyone who subscribed to La Fabrique Aviva will be able to offer their skills to participate in the development of the projects.

The results

Millions of votes allocated ever since the first edition

+500 finalist projects obtained financial support

157 overall winners obtained funding from 5.000€ to 85.000€

Nearly 1 million users