Les Mousquetaires’ Lab’Innovation, a participatory program that values those who innovate in the field

The Group Les Mousquetaires is a major mass distribution player in Europe, the only distributor to be “Producers & Traders”. A model placed under the seal of innovation, commitment and solidarity of each outlet owner; the associated trade has made Les Mousquetaires the leading distribution group of independent business owners.

Industry: Large-scale distribution

The challenge

For 50 years, the company has been encouraging innovation among its 150,000 employees to generate ideas for progress that are useful to the Group.
To reinforce this innovation dynamic and to boost creativity within the Group, the Innovation Department has set up an internal system called the Lab’Innovation.

The framework

Lab’Innovation is an intrapreneurship and innovation program, operating on a digital platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas, thematic and ideation challenges and the monitoring of innovation approaches.

The platform facilitates co-creation in innovation by designing new products and services. It gives the possibility and the means to each collaborator to see their ideas become reality.

There are different possibilities for a collaborator who wishes to take part in the innovation of the group, all members can:

  • Propose an idea at any time if it enables customers to improve their experience with the Group’s brands, employees to improve their working conditions, the company to be more efficient or to become more involved in a sustainable approach.
  • Share best practices that have proven worthwhile and enable current processes and methods to be improved. The innovation lab thus relays good practices to the departments concerned.
  • Take part in a challenge in response to a specific issue proposed the Group.
  • Participate in the realization of a selected idea by bringing their competence to the team that manages the idea.

The collaboration with Yumana

Now, thanks to the Yumana platform, the most relevant ideas are selected through a popular vote of the Group’s employees but also those of a dedicated jury. The creators of these ideas can then find other employees with the relevant skills and request that they participate in the realization of their project.

The different modules of the Yumana platform offer the Group the opportunity to:

  • Industrialize the organization of ideation challenges
  • Highlight the most innovative ideas and give employees the opportunity to vote and voice their for them
  • Engage employees who wish to be involved in the realization of projects and invite them to join a team. They can give their time and their skills

The gamification module is a real boost for intrapreneurs who can offer rewards to the employees who are most active with their project. A platform-wide ranking, points to be earned, badges to be unlocked, everything is designed to encourage employees to get involved and win privileges.

The final goal is to spread the innovation culture broadly, in order to finally bring concrete results and more value to the Group.

The results

5th challenge launched since the start of the program

More than 150 ideas and best practices submitted

13 fast-track projects

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