MédiaLab TF1

MédiaLab TF1, “The Intrapreneur Program” which stimulates the spirit of innovation within the TF1 Group

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The context

Present for more than 30 years, TF1 is the first and the oldest French national general-interest television channel. TF1 now has nearly 3,700 employees in France, and the Group had a turnover of 2.3 billion euros in 2019. TF1 is present across the entire value chain, Production, Broadcast, and Digital, giving the Group the ability to create and innovate on a daily basis.

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The program in a few words

TF1 calls on Yumana to digitize its intrapreneurship approach. The Yumana platform makes it possible to both encourage employees to submit projects as well as identify intrapreneur profiles. Through two separate selection processes (a call for ideas and a call for candidates), TF1 wishes to bring together the best ideas and the best profiles to create the most efficient teams.

The challenge of TF1

As the 3rd edition of the TF1 “MediaLab” intrapreneur program, the 2021 edition aims to encourage the spirit of innovation within the Group around 6 challenges launched and sponsored by a member of the Executive Committee. A global theme: Building the business of tomorrow.

For this 3rd edition, TF1 has decided to allow employees to submit their idea anonymously and/or become a candidate to make an idea that isn’t their own a reality.

To boost engagement on the platform, communication is key. The ideation cafes were particularly important in this sense.

Yumana’s solution

TF1’s intrapreneurship program is broken down into several stages.

Two distinct challenges to join the bootcamp (one month)

  • A call for ideas

    Employees submit their idea directly to the platform. Ideation cafes are organized by TF1 during this phase so that those potentially interested in the program can brainstorm on the various challenges and find an innovative idea. Groups of 8 employees have 7 1-hour digital ideation cafes to think about the future of TF1’s business. This has also allowed the program to gain exposure.

  • A call for applications for employees who would like to become intrapreneurs.

    They then apply directly to Bootcamps and join already formed project teams.

    TF1 Group employees can vote on the platform at any time to support their favorite projects and increase their visibility. A jury of experts ultimately selects the ten winning ideas and intrapreneur candidates to participate in the Bootcamp, according to the criteria of the project’s feasibility, relevance, positive impact, monetization, and popularity.

    TF1 has created rewards for the 10 winning ideas to motivate the teams, with a special prize awarded to the employees’ favorite project.

  • The Bootcamp to build the best teams (over 2 days)

    The bootcamp brings together the ten best ideas and the best intrapreneur applications. For two days and as a team, employees will strengthen their projects with the help of coaches and external experts. A final jury selects the 3 best projects, which then integrate the rest of the program and start the development and acceleration phase.

  • Project development to build a value proposition (8 to 10 weeks):

    Over a five-month period, the selected intrapreneurs are given resources and coaching to strengthen their project and prepare their pitch for the Executive Committee.

  • Project acceleration, getting it off the ground and turning it into a reality:

    The Executive Committee will validate the project. It is then time to refine the business model, compare the solution to the market, and build a POC with the support of external experts. This step is essential and prepares the team for the project’s deployment!

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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