La Fabrique Abeille Assurances

La Fabrique Abeille Assurances, citizen innovation catalyst

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The context

Aviva has become Abeille Assurances, a major insurance provider in France. The insurance company’s ambition is to build a leading mutual group in order to offer the best possible protection to its policyholders.

4300 employees.

More than 11 million customers.

170 years of experience.

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Launch date of the system: 6th edition in 2022
  • Department initiating the program: General Management, and led by the CSR division

Challenges experienced by the CSR Division

In 2016, Abeille Assurances created “La Fabrique Aviva”, renamed “La Fabrique Abeille Assurances” in 2022, as part of its responsible business approach. A real breeding ground for citizen and entrepreneurial initiatives, this major national competition aims to support the development of the social, solidarity and environmental economy.

It actively participates in the financing of useful, innovative and sustainable young companies up to one million euros, with the aim of contributing to innovations that will positively inspire our society.

  • Attract new citizen initiatives around 4 themes: food & health, environment & energy transition, inclusion & employment and finally, responsible insurance & prevention.
  • Mobilize internal teams to help turn ideas into reality.
  • Carry out and capitalize on the most promising projects.

Yumana’s solution

A public and national innovation challenge, supported by an innovation management software, designed to encourage initiatives from the general public by promoting the development of concrete, useful and ambitious projects. The challenge follows three main stages.

The Abeilles Assurances teams work with partners such as Ticket For Change and SiaPartners to measure the impact and viability of a project.

The 6th edition is on its way!

  • The national call for ideas

    From 30 August, all citizens will be able to submit their project(s) online on the platform.


    75 projects, spread over 5 regions, will be selected to enter the regional competitions

    The advantage : this year, the project leader will be invited to be sponsored by a former winning project leader, all seasons combined.

  • Regional selection

    A jury, composed of experts and regional partners, will determine the top 3 winners in each region.


    In total: 15 projects will each win €60,000

  • The national jury

    The best project from each region will pitch in front of a prestigious jury in Paris, where only the winning project will receive an additional €100,000.

  • Examples of successful projects :

    • Circouleur – winner of the 2021 edition: The company is the only manufacturer of recycled paint in France, upgrading and transforming unused paints.
    • Time for the planet: a company with a mission to fight climate change around the world.
    • Yuka: a mobile application for scanning food products to obtain a clear score of the product’s impact on health.
    • Café Joyeux Marseille: a family of café-restaurants that trains and employs waiters and cooks with a mental or cognitive disability.

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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