“Pépites” One global platform to manage innovation, twenty-two programs to address local needs

A key player in the French economy and society, the Central Agency for Social Security Organizations (ACOSS) is the national fund of the 22 URSSAFs, the Organizations for the Collection of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions in France. It has more than 13,000 employees, 9 million contributor accounts and 900 partners. It celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.
ACOSS manages the collection of contributions and their redistribution to guarantee the financing of the French social model, and acts in the service of the four branches of the general social security system: Sickness, Old Age, Family, Accidents at work/occupational illnesses.

Industry: Government / Public sector

The challenge

ACOSS faces three important challenges:

  • Accelerate the digital transformation in order to modernize and streamline its processes and work methods.
  • Deal with a regional decentralization of URSSAF, most of which do not always have the means to communicate with each other to share innovations and best practices.
  • Build a system whose piloting and management are delegated to the local entities.

The participatory innovation platform “Pépites” is a tool for aggregating and compiling knowledge, ideas, best practices, and innovations to provide better service to citizens.

The framework

The collaborative innovation platform was launched in spring 2019 as part of a 6-month pilot phase with 4 URSSAFs (Rhône-Alpes, Franche-Comté, Pays de Loire and Midi-Pyrénées). This partial deployment of a collective intelligence system concerned a total of 3,500 employees at the time. A few months later, this pilot phase was extended to bring the total to 8 URSSAFs, then in September the program was deployed to all URSSAFs, including French overseas departments and territories.

The particularity of this program is that there are as many platforms as there are URSSAFs. Indeed, each URSSAF has its own local environment within a global platform where the management of contributions and innovation challenges operates independently. The platform allows to see the good ideas existing in other regions to promote the sharing of experience between each local entity.

To facilitate the launch, the teams have created challenges on global themes, able to include the maximum of people likely to generate a strong commitment.

The collaboration with Yumana

The collaboration with Yumana is organized under several axes:

  • The organization and facilitation of program design workshops involving different departments (governance, IT, communication, human resources, etc.)
  • An awareness-raising approach with managers so that they are familiar with the tool.
  • A thorough technical support with the implementation of the platform.

The results

A system deployed to all URSSAF locations in 6 months

18,000 active users, nearly 1,000 projects and more than 600 project leaders

115,000 project views (each project is seen more than 100 times on average)