We Love Intrapreneurs’ Program

Innovate like a Startup: the ambition of Safran’s intrapreneurship program!

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The context

Safran, a major French industrial and technological group with an international presence, specializes in the aeronautics, space, and defense sectors.
76,800 employees

  • Industry: Aerospace & Defense
  • Launch date of the system: 1 season per year since October 2018
  • Department initiating the program: Innovation Department

The program in a few words

With the creation of the “We Love Intrapreneurs” program, supported by an idea management software, Safran is spreading an intrapreneurial mindset and culture within the group.

Since the first edition, the digital platform has simplified the collection, analysis, and deployment of ideas and is perfectly in line with Safran’s approach to supporting intrapreneurs. Employee commitment is valued with the possibility of integrating the Booster promoting the development and completion of the project.

The challenges of the Innovation Department

Safran maintains a culture of cutting-edge innovation, and has been developing intrapreneurship within the Group for many years to encourage the emergence, development, and marketing of new products and/or services. The goals of the intrapreneurship program are the following:

  • Complement existing innovation schemes.
  • Encourage employees to develop and defend their ideas, build a team, and develop a business plan, just like startups.
  • Make it possible to significantly expand the scope of innovation to encourage continuous transformation.

Yumana’s solution

An intrapreneurship program based on collective intelligence, supported by a unique digital platform designed to allow employees to propose new business projects and then support them in their concrete development.

The projects developed must be directly or adjacently related to the strategy of Safran and the companies of the group and have the following characteristics:

  • Being at the service of Safran’s customer and group companies
  • A high degree of innovation and a major business ambition
  • A 2 to 5 year production/marketing horizon

Safran’s intrapreneurship program generally follows 3 phases, approximately every 6 months:

  • Call for ideas

    All employees with permanent contracts can submit a project and answer a series of questions to clarify their idea.


    At the last edition, 35 ideas where submitted in total
    13 pre-selected projects

  • Project Development

    The owners of the 13 selected ideas will have to pitch their project in front of the selection committee and build a multidisciplinary team of 4 people.


    7 project teams are selected to participate in the incubation phase called “The Bootcamp”.

    Note: The Bootcamp is an incubator created by Safran, staffed by internal and external trainers and coaches, with the aim of helping them refine their project and develop a business plan.

  • Incubation

    During this phase, participants remain in their jobs full-time and work on their intrapreneurship project in parallel.


    Up to 2 teams are offered the opportunity to integrate Safran’s internal project accelerator called “The Booster”.

    Note: The initiatives integrated into the Booster are supported by Safran SA for 1 to 3 years and allow project leaders and their teams to work full time on the development of their intrapreneurship project.

Valentin ORUS Safran

Yumana’s idea management software supports the ideation phase and facilitates the collection and evaluation of ideas for future business for Safran. We found the tool very useful for communication, whether to inform about the way the intrapreneurship program works or for the teams to do their own internal communication.

The service provided is very personalized, exchanges are fluid and pleasant and the level of reactivity is very high.
The Yumana teams supported us from the beginning of the collaboration and took the time to fully understand our process in order to best customize the digital platform.

Valentin ORUS ,

Intrapreneurship – Incubation Manage - Safran

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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