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Thales – Give their employees the opportunity to experience a complete immersion in start-ups

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The context

The Thales Digital Factory opened in 2017 with the aim to accelerate the digital transformation of Thales and its clients. The Group wants to accelerate the integration of these key technologies in their offers in order to help the decision-makers to make the right choice in real time.

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The program in a few words

For years, Thales focus itself on its collaborative innovation approach, convinced that the collaboration with the SME, start-ups and large groups is a source of innovation. Last June, Thales, through its new Digital Factory, was selected by Station F, the biggest campus of start-ups in the world, to manage the Cybersecurity program.

The challenge

The goal of Thales is to accelerate the development of start-ups by giving them advices, expertise and an access to its 5 big markets: aerospace, space, land transport, defense and security. Thales encourages the engagement of their employees to work with start-ups and to share their market expertise in order to co-create value for the clients and co-develop innovative solutions and services.

After a rigorous selection process, Thales selected 9 start-ups, which are complementary with each other and add value to the cybersecurity offer of the Group. Thales and the selected start-ups will provide solutions to their clients which are going to fully address the cybersecurity chain. The 9 start-ups are incubated in the Station F campus for 6 months.

Yumana’s solution

Thanks to the Help of a Startup platform, each employee has the opportunity to experience a complete immersion in start-ups by getting involve in the Thales Cyber program @Station F.

The goal?

Develop partnerships and accelerate the future of cybersecurity.


Employees and start-ups from this first promotion are connected on the platform which is provided by Yumana. Young shoots propose missions and have access to the most relevant employees’ profiles which are going to help them realize their project. Each employee, like a coach, can give its time and specific skills in order to help start-ups to realize their entrepreneurial project.

The internal expertise is valued, and all the employees have the possibility to contribute and participate in the Cybersecurity program which is led by the Thales Digital Factory.

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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