The “Popcorn” collaborative innovation challenge: an explosion of ideas at Groupe Atlantic to simplify the lives of its customers

The European leader in thermal comfort, Groupe Atlantic offers a wide range of products and services covering all thermal comfort needs for homes, the service sector, and industry. It has 9,400 employees throughout the world, 28 industrial sites and 8 million devices produced per year. The French treasure born in 1968 is today a group with strong growth that is oriented towards innovation.

Industry: Energy

The challenge

By devoting more than 4% of its turnover to research and development, Groupe Atlantic is making innovation one of its greatest strengths.

Popcorn is the group’s collaborative innovation challenge that wants to rely on its 3,800 employees based in France and Belgium to answer the question: “How can our customers’ lives be simplified?”

The objective is to engage and unite all employees, whatever their jobs may be, to disseminate an innovative corporate culture within the Group, from the offices to the field.

The framework

The “Popcorn” Innovation Challenge takes the form of a call for ideas and a final selection by an internal committee.

  • Ideation phase (4 weeks): To submit an idea, employees must bring it as a team (from 2 to 5 people). As soon as the ideas are published, employees registered on the platform can then consult, comment, share them and vote on them according to their interest.
  • Selection of the 10 best contributions: Groupe Atlantic seeks innovative ideas, voted on by the community, that provide a solution to a problem encountered by a customer, according to 4 selection criteria. The idea must be innovative, related to the challenge’s theme, achievable, and beneficial for the customer. Votes take place over a period of one month. The selection is made by a panel based on the criteria set out and the number of votes received on the platform.
  • Development and naming of the winners: The 10 finalist teams pitch their idea in front of a panel of experts. To prepare for this event, all the finalists are coached and strengthen their project and their team.
  • Implementation: The 3 winning teams of the challenge do a demonstration of their project (a proof of concept) and the Group supports the winning teams in the implementation of their projects.
    It should be pointed out that in-kind prizes are awarded to the finalist teams.

A noter que des lots en nature seront remis aux équipes finalistes.

Popcorn web series

In order to boost employee engagement on the platform, dynamic, constant communication has been set up.

In addition to the system’s detailed FAQ and presentation videos, the Popcorn team has specifically produced a web series of 5 episodes featuring an Atlantic employee in each one who is participating in the challenge and is embarking on the adventure.

With acting worthy of Hollywood, humor and explanations, the web series is a great idea for a fun format to engage employees even more on the platform.

The collaboration with Yumana

Yumana is supporting Groupe Atlantic in its first ideation challenge. Using a digital innovation platform, the company is reaching as many employees as possible, is creating multiple interactions, and is facilitating the selection of the best ideas.

The CEO of Groupe Atlantic, Serge Divel, defines their culture through the triptych “entrepreneurial desire, autonomy and empowerment”. Yumana is proud of this collaboration and proud of contributing to the dissemination of an innovative corporate culture.

The results

200 unique visitors to the platform the first week

More than 100 ideas submitted in a few days