VINCI is launching the “Environment Awards” so that each employee of the Group can help fulfil the environmental ambition

An investor, builder and operator of buildings and infrastructure, with a presence in more than a hundred countries, VINCI is a major player in the transformation of cities and regions employing 222,397 people around the world. Organized around 5 core businesses: Vinci Highways, Vinci Concessions, Vinci Energy, Eurovia and Vinci Construction, the Group’s turnover is around 50 billion euros.

Industry: Concessions and Construction

The challenge

VINCI’s Impact Management wants to develop solutions that improve the living environment and reduce the impact of the Group’s business over three priority areas: the climate, the circular economy and natural environments.

The goal of the Environment Awards is to bring back good practices in the field by engaging all of the Group’s employees.

The framework

The Environment Award revolves around 4 main events:

  • Submission of initiatives on the platform, by region (5 months): all employees are encouraged to participate, alone or in teams. To promote its idea, each team makes a video pitch to present their initiative. The project leaders self-assess the impact of their initiative on the three priority areas and thus emphasize the relevance of their initiative for the company. Vinci has deployed a network of correspondents in all regions, whose aim is to bring initiatives forward. They support employees in this process and thus give them every chance of success.
  • Voting (1 month): in each area of the Award, employees can vote for their 10 favorite projects. Vinci thus creates enthusiasm around a strategic subject and shows that everyone can contribute to change in their own way.
  • Assessment by the community of experts and regional ceremonies: Each expert assigns an impact score from a dedicated space on the platform. Each region thus selects around ten winning projects which will compete for the final.
  • Final panel and awards ceremony at the Group level: The initiatives not selected then remain viewable on the platform, the goal being the sharing of good practices.

The collaboration with Yumana

The use of the Yumana digital platform, deployed multilingually, has made it possible for Vinci to structure an international approach, in order to engage as many employees as possible in the regions.

Good regional communication (videos, articles, etc.), combined with support from the Executive Committee and good support for the project leaders of the initiatives, has made it possible for Vinci employees to submit large numbers of ideas to the platform easily.

Through key functionalities such as self-assessment of the initiative, the assignment of a correspondent to an initiative, the assignment of an expert to an initiative and making a full grid of expertise available, Yumana has made it possible to organize and facilitate the submission and evaluation of initiatives.

In the specific context of 2020, the Yumana x Vinci collaboration on the organization of the Environment Awards has paid off. Employees easily took charge of the platform, actively participated in the challenge and shared many good environmental practices.

The results

200 unique visitors to the platform the first week

More than 100 ideas submitted in a few days