Innovalto program

Vivalto Santé launches a unique corporate innovation program to boost their digital and managerial transformation

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The context

3rd largest private hospitalization group in France.

A network of 49 health care facilities.

The 1st French health care group to become a mission-based company.

9,000 employees throughout the country.

  • Industry: Health
  • Launch date of the system: September 2021
  • Department initiating the program: Innovation and Transformation Department

The program in a few words

Deployed in September 2021, the Innovalto innovation management solution brings together in a single space all the players in the Vivalto Santé innovation ecosystem, including members of the Executive Committee and the Management Committee, regions and healthcare institutions, innovative companies in the sector and industrial partners. A space where everyone can become an active participant in the group’s innovation process, stay informed or initiate an innovative idea.

More than an innovation tool, the platform now embodies the group’s digital transformation program. Its multiple features also make it a management, project management and internal communication tool, adopted daily by the vast majority of teams. A strategy that is already fulfilling all its promises and that establishes Vivalto Santé as a pioneer in the health sector.

The challenges of the Innovation and Transformation Department

  • To launch an innovation and transformation strategy that embodies their mission-based company approach.
  • To improve the visibility of the actions initiated by the institutions and to facilitate exchanges between the various entities of the group.
  • To create a strong culture of innovation and engage all employees in their innovation process.
  • To strengthen the group’s collaboration with its external innovation ecosystem.

Yumana’s solution

Innovalto, the innovation management software that enables Vivalto Santé to:

  • Boost its operational excellence approach by centralizing best practices from the field


    13 best practices shared, including 5 adopted by other institutions

  • Nourish its innovation strategy by proposing challenges on specific themes and by centralizing ideas and projects initiated by employees


    43 initiatives proposed during the study

  • Refer potential or current partners in order to create opportunities related to innovative projects


    464 referenced partners, including 413 identified, 36 interviewees, 2 under discussion, 12 included within projects

  • Ensure visibility and monitoring of projects currently being deployed


    2 pilot projects

  • Share with all employees the latest news from the group and the latest innovations in the sector

Yumana’s scope of action

  • Digital platform
  • Audit & Audit & Redesign of programs
  • Communication & Animation
  • Team coaching
  • Programs design



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