Harness collective intelligence to improve operational performance

Performance opérationnelle

Since the birth of lean management in Japan in the 1950’s, much ink has been spilled to share with us the most effective approaches and methods to gain productivity and achieve operational excellence.

Today, improving operational performance is an integral part of corporate strategy and processes.  Even if the literature is rich in this area, engaging employees in a collective dynamic remains a major challenge for Performance Departments, which sometimes struggle to replicate initiatives on a large scale.

To foster the emergence of good practices and ultimately improve performance, Yumana relies on collective intelligence to identify, collect, evaluate and disseminate the most relevant initiatives for the company. We’ll tell you how!

Why leverage collective intelligence to improve operational performance?

So we don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each reshuffling or change of direction! Capitalizing on what already exists by reporting on locally deployed initiatives is an essential first step in optimizing established practices. Second, analyzing the relevance of initiatives allows the company to select best practices to replicate across the organization.

This new lever is anchored in an inclusive approach that stimulates exchanges, accelerates process improvement, optimizes costs and saves the company time.

How does Yumana support you in the deployment of a collective intelligence approach?

One of the key success factors for an operational excellence program is employee engagement. To ensure effective engagement, Yumana has conceptualized and designed a journey that relies on taking into account the basic needs of employees and activating the motivation drivers specific to each company.

Through a proven 4-step method supported by a unique digital platform, a team of experts in collective intelligence will support you in the implementation and deployment of your engagement strategy.

Through collective intelligence, Yumana offers a new way to achieve an organization’s operational performance. Complementary to existing methods, it is a matter of capitalizing on available resources and on the commitment of employees to promote and perpetuate a continuous improvement approach.

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