Operational Excellence

Identify local best practices and deploy them at large scale to improve performance

Turn your employees into key stakeholders of your continuous improvement program. Reinventing the wheel with each reorganization or change in the management team is over!

Yumana’s solution allows you to reveal, select and replicate best practices throughout your organization. By integrating collective intelligence into its approach, Yumana offers a new way to address operational excellence.

Implementation time
Maturity level required
Long-term impact

With Yumana’s platform, we share and disseminate Best Practices across our global network of 40 plants and 150 fulfillment centers. Exchanges between sites and countries are easier now.
The platform boosts cooperation and allows all users to share turnkey solutions to be more efficient and agile.

Patricia Schneider,
Corporate Q&EHS Data & Solutions Director, L'Oréal


15 years of expertise for a successful collaborative program

Yumana’s experts help you design your operational excellence system according to a 4-step methodology.


A methodology designed to maximize the sharing of initiatives

Empower your communities to identify high potential best practices:


Turnkey solutions to identify initiatives with the highest potential

With the Yumana software Suite, easily evaluate contributions and identify the most impactful ones:


Integrated modules to monitor easily the implementation of your initiatives

Foster the deployment of initiatives by setting your communities in motion:


Real-time analysis of the impact on your operational performance

Easily measure the ROI of your operational excellence program:

Activity Tracking

Designed to maximize the performance of your program, Yumana’s innovation management software enables you to track the achievement of your objectives in real time.

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