Collaborative innovation

Deploying a collaborative innovation program is the best way to boost the innovation potential of your teams. Innovative ideas, best practices, give your employees and partners the opportunity to share and carry out their initiatives.

Spread the culture of collaborative innovation widely to bring concrete results and create value for your organization.

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Promote a collaborative approach: How to do it?

Identify ideas and best practices

1. Identify ideas and best practices

Identify ideas with potential or proven best practices and share them with the community.
How does it work?

Employees can propose ideas or best practices at any time by filling out the online submission form. From the homepage, users discover initiatives related to their interests and can interact with the community. They can comment, like, share, enrich or join the projects that interest them.

Matchmaking of ideas and skills is embedded to boost collaboration. The platform leverages Microsoft AI’s Machine Learning system to personalize the user experience and increase user engagement.

Moving from idea to project

2. Moving from idea to project

Create the right conditions to explore ideas and accelerate their development.

Each team has a workspace to manage its project, interact on the platform or via Microsoft Teams, share documents and enrich the value proposition.

The project team can propose to the community to carry out specific missionsand thus participate in the project delivery.

The pilot can ask experts to evaluate the project before confirming a milestone. This way, he has all the data to move the project to the next stage.

Work with your partners

3. Work with your partners

Identify the innovative players who can provide concrete solutions to your challenges.

The platform allows you to reference, evaluate and manage your external partners (startups, universities, R&D labs, suppliers, etc.).

Project teams can collaborate with partners in your ecosystem.

Kanban and Radar views make it easy to find and manage your partners. Active collaborations are valued.

Multi-criteria filters allow the pilot to analyze the information and recommend candidates to participate in a project.

Manage your innovation portfolio

4. Manage your innovation portfolio

Benefit from decision-making assistance to select and evaluate the best innovations and effectively manage your project portfolio.

The platform offers dashboards, activity, and key performance indicators to manage the process and data exports to go further.

You can track projects through each stage of the workflow, pass milestones, call in experts, and move initiatives to other programs.

News articles and feed, surveys, quizzes, and automated newsletters: a full communication kit is available to the pilots to get your employees onboard.

Focus on practical features to structure your collaborative innovation program…

Value analysis tools to improve performance

Popularity algorithms, relevance scores, expert evaluations, and analysis tools (BMC, SWOT, etc.) mark out the innovation process to facilitate decision-making and measure value creation.

Customized workflows to fit each organization

The platform models all internal processes to take into account the context, the goals and the constraints of the company. The objective is to customize the path from the idea to the high value-added project.

A dedicated workspace to foster collaboration

Private conversation space, document repository, analysis, planning, budget tracking and task management tools: teams have a complete collaborative space to bring their project to life.


Plug & Play, 100% configurable

Plug & Play, 100% configurable

Integrated Decision Support

Integrated Decision Support

Connecting to your ecosystems

Connecting to your ecosystems

Value-based project analysis

Value-based project analysis

Dynamic dashboard

Dynamic dashboard





Quick implementation

Quick implementation

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