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Benefit from 15 years of proven expertise in collective intelligence to ensure the success of your programs.

At Yumana, we are committed to ensuring the success of your collaborative program. Our team of experts in collective intelligence designs and facilitates your innovation, operational performance and sustainability programs.
Thanks to its unique methodology co-developed with leaders in their sector, Yumana guarantees the commitment of your communities. At each step of your journey, you have a range of services that will allow you to evolve your program and reach your performance objectives.

A professional and reactive team that supported us with energy throughout the challenge. The coaching phase for the finalists was a real plus, allowing the project teams to approach the pitch session in front of our Executive Committee with confidence.

Laure Thoraval,
Strategy Director,


Successfully launch your program and involve your communities

Program Design

Define the objectives, the strategy for engaging your communities, the operational model and the KPIs of your program.

Tie your program to the company’s existing initiatives.

Process Design

Build custom workflows to implement the governance and processes that fit the business.

Launch of an ideation campaign

Define the objectives, topics, the rules of the game and success indicators of your challenge to effectively engage your internal and external communities.

Community Engagement

Target your audience and identify the motivation drivers and reward model to implement in order to raise the engagement of your communities.

Platform Customization

Customize the look & feel and UX of your platform to facilitate its appropriation by the teams and its integration into the company’s information system.

Communication Plan

Identify your target communities, define the appropriate messages and create compelling content to increase your program’s participation rate.

Training for Platform Admin

Strengthen the management of your solution and ensure optimal use of the platform by training the teams in charge of launching and monitoring the program.


Iterating to improve performance and maximize engagement

Program Diagnosis

Boost your program’s engagement by following our recommendations, based on the analysis of your platform’s performance indicators.

Maturity Assessment Audit

Measure the maturity of your organization with the help of our team of experts and our assessment model and define the best action plan for your organization.

Program Revamping

Benefit from an in-depth analysis of your program and recommendations for redesigning your operating model and maximizing your engagement.

Methods Training

Increase the skills of your innovation team and project leaders through training on lean startup, design thinking and agile methods provided by our partners.


Promote new ways of working, train your talents and expand your ecosystem

Pitch Coaching

Offer your contributors quality coaching. Yumana teaches them how to go from the idea to the business plan and how to pitch it in the final selection phase.

Project Teams Mentoring

Mentor project leaders in the prototyping and value proposition validation phases through personalized coaching provided by our partners.

Development of the Ecosystem

To explore new opportunities and expand your ecosystem, Yumana can help you open your program to new communities or new projects.

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