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Engage your HR teams in creating a great employee experience.

With Yumana’s digital platform, bring together your HR community to share experiences. Identify local initiatives, label the best of them and deploy best practices on a large scale.

This collaborative approach allows your teams to improve the employee experience in a sustainable way and increase their impact.

Implementation time
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Long-term impact

By enabling easy exchanges between sites and countries, Yumana's platform boosts cooperation and allows all users to share turnkey solutions to be more efficient and agile.

Patricia Schneider,
Corporate Q&EHS Data & Solutions Director, L'Oréal


15 years of expertise in employee experience

Yumana’s experts support you in the setup of your collaborative program and share with you the keys to success. Define:


A powerful platform designed to maximize the engagement of HR teams and managers

Increase the contributions of your communities by activating the full potential of your digital platform:


Turnkey solutions to assess initiatives potential value

Build a community of business experts to certify practices:


Integrated modules to facilitate and monitor the deployment of your best practices

Promote the deployment of your initiatives within the HR community:


A key moment to ensure the sustainability of your collaborative approach

Celebrate the best initiatives implemented to improve the employee journey:

Activity Tracking

Designed to maximize the performance of your program, Yumana’s best practice management software enables you to track the achievement of your objectives in real time.

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