Intrapreneurship at TF1 Group to foster creativity and employees’ entrepreneurial spirit

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Around 900 employees took part in the 3rd edition of TF1’s intrapreneurship’s program, submitting ideas to solve the 6 challenges issued by the COMEX. 

The Group chose Yumana to help them digitize their program and allow employees to submit their project and/or application. 

Every year, 30 contributors are selected to join the Bootcamp and turn their ideas into  concrete achievements. 

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Present for more than 30 years, TF1 is the first and the oldest French national general-interest television channel. TF1 now has nearly 3,700 employees in France, and the Group had a turnover of 2.4 billion euros in 2021. TF1 is present across the entire value chain, Production, Broadcast, and Digital, giving the Group the ability to create and innovate on a daily basis.

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