Enedis promotes a bottom-up approach to intrapreneurship to trigger a culture shift and develop talents

20 %
of employees involved
ideas selected for the crash test phase
projects accelerated per season

Before launching its intrapreneurship program, Enedis had collected thousands of ideas from employees, but none of them got off the ground as there were no process to nurture them further.  

In 2016, Anouar El Fathi, in charge of Innovation, decided to incubate the best ideas and deploy the Yumana innovation management software in the Paris region. Thanks to the skills matchmaking feature, teams of intrapreneurs are created to accelerate projects and deliver tangible results.  

Today the program is a great success with 80% of employees involved with each new season.  

Implementation time
Maturity level required
Long-term human impact
Long-term business impact

We chose Yumana for the team's boundless energy and for the vision we share on the evolution of business and human resources in companies.

Anouar El Fathi,
Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation Officer

the company

As the primary asset manager of the public electricity distribution network in France, Enedis manages the low and medium voltage network in 95% of the country. Its 38,000 employees in each region of France work every day to guarantee access to a quality electricity supply. 

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